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Life Insurance for People with Fibromyalgia

Written by Cody Marchant

Finding life insurance coverage if you have fibromyalgia can be difficult. There are three important questions that most people ask when applying for high-risk life insurance.

First, they want to know whether they can get insurance at all. Second, they want to know what it will cost. Third, they want to know what is involved in applying for coverage.

In this article, we will answer all of these questions to help you understand what life insurance coverage is best for you, and where to find the best life insurance for fibromyalgia.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Is a form of chronic pain and tenderness in your muscles, tendons, tissues, and Joints. The reason you are put into a high-risk category for life insurance is that the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown.  This makes it much more challenging to manage.

Symptoms include things like pain all over your body, problems sleeping, fatigue, morning stiffness, Headaches, burning skin, digestive disorders, and muscle cramping.

Can I Get Life Insurance if I Have Fibromyalgia?

Yes. Getting life insurance is contingent upon when you were diagnosed, how much pain you are in, what medication, and what activities of daily living you are still able to do.

If you have incredibly severe fibromyalgia and you are on lots of medication and unable to do many activities of daily living this puts you into a significantly higher risk category and could be grounds for denial of coverage.

If this is a risk you can always apply for a guaranteed issue burial insurance which, as the name suggests, is guaranteed. Or this you will only be able to take out typically up to $25,000 in coverage, perfect for covering the final expenses you face.

What Do Life Insurance Companies Look For?

1. How Severe is Your Condition?

The first thing a life insurance company evaluates is the severity of your condition.

They will gather information from you and review your medical records to determine if your condition is mild, moderate, or severe.

2. Treatment History

They will also evaluate whether you are on any treatment right now.

Insurers want to know that you are maintaining your illness by undergoing regular check-ups with your doctor and routine treatment.

Life insurance companies also want to see what type of medication you are on, what doses you are taking, and what your daily regimen is like.

3. Other health conditions 

Fibromyalgia is not in and of itself going to cause you to be declined from coverage or get a higher rate.

The issue is when it is combined with other conditions that are much more serious.

If you have something like major depression with your condition it might put you in a substandard rating.

If you have anxiety that is so severe you cannot conduct daily activities or you are on disability this could result in a decline.

4. Lifestyle Choices 

Life insurance companies are also going to review your lifestyle.

If you have a healthy diet and you are exercising regularly it can help with a great deal of pain so they want to know that you are doing this.

5. Occupational Hazards 

Finally, they want to look at your employment status to make sure that you are working a regular job and your condition doesn’t cause any disabilities.

If this is the case you might receive standard rates.

But if you aren’t working and you are on disability you can still get a standard rate so long as everything else is going well.

Again what you get is going to vary from one provider to the next space entirely on your personal condition and situation.

What Type of Life Insurance is Best for People with Fibromyalgia? 

When looking for life insurance with fibromyalgia, the vast majority of your options will be directly tied to your health.

Depending on how severe your condition is, you may have a few life insurance options that are not available to you.

Life insurance companies will place you in a risk category and that determines the rate of pay. Most life insurance companies have 16 different rate classes.

If you have well-controlled fibromyalgia you will be placed in a standard class. For this you have mild pain, you are not on disability, and you can perform daily activities like driving yourself around, feeding yourself, and bathing yourself without any issues.

If you have moderate-to-severe pain and you are on disabilities you are much better off getting a guaranteed-issue policy where they don’t ask any help question or require any examination.

The alternative is more than likely a denial of coverage from the companies in question.

For people who have their fibromyalgia under control, the two main types of life insurance available are term and permanent life insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is life insurance with an expiration date. It offers coverage that lasts between 10 and 30 years, usually in increments of 5 years.

Term policies are the cheapest in terms of cost per thousand dollars of insurance.

They are best for people who have a need for life insurance that is specific to their stage in life. For example: someone who is in their 40’s, who has 3 financial dependents, a mortgage, and children approaching college age.

This type of life insurance is best for people who do not have the disposable income for permanent life insurance, but who still have a need for coverage.

It is recommended that anyone with financial dependents and large amounts of debt have some form of life insurance.

Term life insurance can be converted to permanent life insurance before the end of the term, if you are unsure which type is right for you, term may be the best choice to start, and you can always discuss conversion to a permanent policy with your agent later.

Permanent Life Insurance 

Permanent life insurance is life insurance that lasts your whole lifetime.

This type of life insurance is drastically more expensive than term life insurance, for a few good reasons.

Mainly, permanent life insurance is more expensive because it lasts your whole life, and you are able to secure rates that remain consistent throughout the life of your policy.

Permanent life insurance policies also accumulate cash value throughout the life of your policy. This cash value can be borrowed against on a tax-free basis.

This cash value can grow in many ways, which is why there are many types of permanent life insurance.

Permanent policies are best for people who have a much higher income, who are interested in permanent life insurance, who own businesses, who are looking to create an estate or trust, or for people who have a lot of assets or real estate.

For most people, term life insurance is the best form of coverage, because even for those who can afford the high monthly premiums for permanent life insurance, they may be able to make better returns on their money by investing it elsewhere.

What If I Am Denied Life Insurance Coverage? 

Don’t worry, this happens often for people with medical conditions.  Just because you were denied traditional life insurance coverage because of your medical background, does not mean there are no options for you to obtain coverage.

For people in this situation, we recommend no exam life insurance.

What Is No Exam Life Insurance? 

No exam life insurance is exactly what it sounds like, life insurance without the medical exam.

This type of life insurance is broken largely into two categories – simplified and guaranteed issue life insurance.

Simplified life insurance offers coverage with only asking a few health-related questions. Almost all people qualify for this type of coverage.

Guaranteed issue life insurance is guaranteed.  This means that anyone qualifies for coverage.  There are no health exams and no health-related questions, and coverage is usually available within 24 hours of application.

Guaranteed issue is also sometimes called burial insurance.  This type of life insurance is made strictly to take care of final expenses and death-related costs such as burial, cremation, urn, tombstone, etc…

How Much Does No Exam Life Insurance Cost? 

No exam life insurance is expensive on a cost per thousand basis when compared to traditional life insurance policies like term life and permanent plans.

No exam life insurance is permanent coverage that lasts your whole life.

Typically, face amounts on no exam policies are between $5,000 and $25,000, with some policies extending as high as $100,000, depending on the company you choose.


Below is a table that shows some monthly no exam life insurance rates for males with fibromyalgia:

Age $5,000 $10,000 $25,000
45 $14/mo. $26/mo. $58/mo.
50 $16/mo. $29/mo. $69/mo.
55 $19/mo. $35/mo. $85/mo.
60 $23/mo. $43/mo. $102/mo.
65 $29/mo. $56/mo. $133/mo.
70 $39/mo. $73/mo. $176/mo.


Below is a table that shows some monthly no exam life insurance rates for females with fibromyalgia:

Age $5,000 $10,000 $25,000
45 $13/mo. $23/mo. $52/mo.
50 $14/mo. $26/mo. $58/mo.
55 $17/mo. $29/mo. $67/mo.
60 $18/mo. $34/mo. $80/mo.
65 $23/mo. $42/mo. $100/mo.
70 $29/mo. $55/mo. $129/mo.

How Much Does Term and Whole Life Insurance Cost?

Because of the health risk associated with people who have fibromyalgia, and the rareness of the disease, it can be hard to estimate the costs of life insurance policies for people with fibromyalgia.

For people with fibromyalgia that is under control, life insurance rates can be pretty close to those of people in the preferred health class.

As a result, it is best to speak with an agent who can help you find the best life insurance rates available.

Independent life insurance agents work with multiple life insurance companies and are able to help you shop around and compare rates, policies, and companies in order to find the best life insurance coverage for your needs.

Finding the Best Life Insurance

Finding life insurance for people with Fibromyalgia can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

The best thing you can do is work with a professional. Our agents can help you understand your life insurance options and also help you find the best policy for you and your loved ones.

Give us a call today to speak with an expert, or get started online with our life insurance quote tool for quick and easy life insurance quotes.

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