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As a smoker, deciding between term life or whole life insurance is a personal choice, and the “best” comes down to “best for your situation”–including your needs, your budget, and your health. The older you are, the more it will cost for life insurance, but the cost of whole life insurance becomes particularly more expensive.. More

Life insurance for people who smoke occasionally can be affordable if you know which companies to go with. Companies that offer low life insurance rates for occasional smokers are able to do so by offering superior health ratings. Depending on how often you smoke, you may be able to get very low rates for life.. More

Before we dive into the intricacies of term and life insurance, and what makes them different from one another, let’s take a second to briefly answer some commonly asked questions we receive. What Is Life insurance? Life insurance is a way to provide financial protection to your loved ones. It helps them to pay for.. More

Jason was a smoker. He tried quitting multiple times over his life. He was successful once or twice but as things become stressful, he always went back to that pack of cigarettes. Recently Jason was concerned about his family’s future. He was married with three young children. His income provided 90% of the family’s needs… More

Will life insurance companies deny you coverage for marijuana use? Or worse, will they report you? As you probably know, the tide is turning regarding marijuana legislation?  As of March of 2018, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. 9 states have legalized recreational marijuana use. This trend is growing and continues to grow. Unfortunately,.. More

Medical marijuana users, are the insurance companies treating you like a criminal? Joseph lives in a state where medical marijuana use is legal. Due to a medical condition, his doctor prescribed it for him several years ago. Because of his growing family, he has started looking for life insurance options but has heard stories about.. More

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports 37.8 million Americans currently smoke cigarettes. Furthermore, there are more than 16 million Americans currently living with a smoking-related disease, including: Cardiovascular disease Chronic bronchitis Heart disease COPD Cancer The bad news continues for smokers because it’s estimated a smoker’s life will be shortened by 10.. More

We all know smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit.  But just how much does that risk and cost transfer over into buying life insurance as a smoker. For otherwise healthy smokers, a 2-4 times higher monthly premium can be expected over non-smokers. For those who are unhealthy and smoke, life insurance options begin to.. More

Young, healthy, vibrant individuals that enjoy berry flavored e-cigs and an occasional cigar need life insurance same as everyone else. In fact, buying life insurance for smokers under the age of 50 is a lot less expensive than buying that same policy when you are older. We all know age and tobacco use are two.. More