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Liver cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the liver organ and the tissues around the liver. Cancer can begin in your liver but spread to other parts of the body if it isn’t treated properly. The issue with liver cancer is that most people don’t show symptoms early on so getting an early.. More

One morning, Bob rolled out of bed and with his first step his feet ached. He thought through his activity for the prior day, but couldn’t think of anything that would cause soreness in his feet. 6 months prior, he had turned 40 and just figured this was the start of middle age aches and.. More

Cervical cancer can be a scary and dangerous disease. Thankfully, most women survive the diagnosis. As a cervical cancer survivor, you are thankful and hopeful for the future, but you still must provide for your family. You understand, better than most, the prospect of your family living without you. You know the benefit that life.. More

Several years ago, you took out a life policy. You had been a smoker but had quit 5 years previous to policy inception. Because you were smoke-free you secured a preferred rating. Life became stressful, you went to a party and lit up with friends. Before you knew it, you bought a pack for yourself… More

Finding life insurance coverage if you have fibromyalgia can be difficult. There are three important questions that most people ask when applying for high-risk life insurance. First, they want to know whether they can get insurance at all. Second, they want to know what it will cost. Third, they want to know what is involved.. More

Years ago, in your late 20’s, you started feeling a little sluggish. You started to gain some weight. At first, you chalked it up to age, but a nagging feeling sent you to the doctor. The doc ran a couple of tests and told you: “You have an underactive thyroid. It’s nothing to worry about.. More

Smile because life insurance for people with gum disease is possible. Any pre-existing condition can be worrisome for an individual thinking about buying life insurance. You may worry if you’ll be denied coverage. Or you may be concerned the price will break your budget. We want to assure you that buying an affordable, high-quality life.. More

Having a stroke can be one of the scariest things in life. All of a sudden nothing in your body works like it is supposed to. Your brain is telling your mouth to speak but the words are coming out right. Your limbs may not take direction from your mind which increases the fear. The.. More

Cancer. It’s a scary word that no one ever wants to hear from a doctor. It may be one of the greatest fears people have when going for a checkup. The good news is that over time cancer has become much more treatable. It is not near lythe death-sentence it was decades ago. Especially, if.. More